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Four American Folk Songs
Keep your beginning students enthusiastic and motivated by using this collection of FUN piano four-hand pieces in the keys of C, G, Eb, and Dm.
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Primo LightYour students will love this collection of fourteen Classical and Romantic piano duets.  Primo parts, restricted to five-finger positions, are rhythmically interesting and varied.  Primo and secondo are set on separate pages for early independent reading.
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Primo Profiles
Four-hand duets by Cui, Löw, Diabelli, and Reinecke will add variety to your piano
recitals.  Primo parts are all in five-finger positions.  Engraved in score form.
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Secondo Light
Easy secondo parts are written in five-finger positions for your first-year students.
The slightly more difficult primo parts use chords in root position and inversions.
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Twelve Classic Duets
Carefully chosen classic repertoire by Gurlitt, Diabelli, Reinecke, Löw, and Hummel
appeal to audiences of all ages.  Most primo parts are in five-finger positions.
Interesting secondo parts provide a polished performance sound.
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Easy For Two-Preparatory Level
Equal parts for one piano four hands are engraved in score form with primo above, secondo
below for ease in rehearsing.  Primo and secondo remain in five finger patterns throughout.
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Piano Together
Keep your beginning students enthusiastic and motivated using this collection of fun four-hand piano duet pieces.  Alouette, Scarborough Fair, Billy Boy, A Little Rock-y, and The Fountain feature primo and secondo parts that are equal in difficulty. Written in score form so students see the other piano part along with their own.  Use in group classes or for recital performances.
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Primo Progresses
Duets for Student and TeacherThese are piano duets in which the primo part is easier than the secondo part, hence the subtitle of the book, although the secondo could be played by any friend or family member of intermediate level. Most of the piano parts span only five notes, “five-finger position,” and are therefore good for small hands. These pieces, by master composers, are printed in score form (primo above secondo).
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East Meets West
These elementary duets are beautiful arrangements of melodies from Asia and the United States: the beloved African-American spiritual “He’s Got the Whole World …”, the haunting “Amazing Grace”, “Arirang” from Korea, “Sakura” from Japan, and others are excellent recital materials. This is one of the most popular elementary duet books.
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