Weekley & Arganbright

Piano Duettists


“The two artists displayed real pianistic talent individually, and actually blended into one to such an extent that they seemed to be one body with four arms.” Brussels La Metropole

“Weekley and Arganbright have the romantic touch and clearly like music with a big gesture. Both…played with bucketfuls of brio and spared no paprika. But they also played with quiet introspection…deliciously warm with long, rolling lines.” Washington Post

“A good time was had by all, them and us.” Dublin The Irish Times

“They played with great feeling, soul, and deep beauty. It is good that they have come, for they have set a new standard for piano duet artistry, toward which we must strive.” Moscow Izvestiya

“The people were fascinated by their superb performance.” Nanning (China) Daily

“The artists demonstrated an uncanny rapport with each other and with the music, delighting the eye as well as the ear.” Orlando Sentinel

“Weekley and Arganbright ably and winningly demonstrated that the piano duet is a successful medium for the widest range of musical expression; though limiting their repertoire to original works for four hands at one piano, their program affords both variety and substance in works ranging from the classics to the contemporary.” London Daily Telegraph

“Seldom before this have we heard such clarity and exactness. The Americans received a stormy ovation.” Vienna Kurier