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Piano Duettists

“Center Stage” Duets – Sheet Music

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Triumphal March from “Aida”An intermediate arrangement from Verdi’s opera; an excellent recital piece, also ideal for ceremonial processionals such as graduations.Order # WP1145$2.95
“Oh! Susanna”Early intermediate, this is a lively, bouncy arrangement with some humorous twists. An all-time Stephen Foster favorite.Order # WP1146$2.95
“Chinese Lullaby”Based on an exceptionally beautiful Chinese folk tune, late elementary level. The secondo consists of easy broken chords in eighth notes. The primo has a right-hand melody, with left hand eventually joining at lower octave.Order # WP1148$2.95
“German Love Song”An excellent first-recital piece, the primo part includes only two left-hand notes, and the secondo fits well under small hands. Easy rhythm, key of G.Order # WP1147$2.95
“Lightly Row”This spirited elementary duet is a familiar folk tune. The secondo part is entirely in 5-finger position (key of F), and the primo part barely moves out of position; mostly in quarter notes.Order # WP1149$2.95
“To China on the Black Keys” This piece incorporates the pentatonic scale, achieving an Asian sound, by using the black keys. Even though it is in six sharps, it is easy to play because the hands stay in comfortable positions on those black keys.Order #WP1108$2.95
“Lavender’s Blue” This simple English folk song has been arranged for small hands, with easy notes and rhythms. On the second page the secondo has the melody while the primo plays softly.Order # WP1120$2.95
“Mini – March” A brisk little march which includes some easy syncopations and chromatic patterns.Order # WP1107$2.95
“Mysterious” This beautiful piece creates a haunting mood with gently rolling patterns in C minor. Both notes and rhythms are easy.Order # WP1117$2.95
“Rumba Ritmica” “Rumba Ritmica” introduces the student to a Latin dance style–energetic and pulsating. Some simple syncopations.Order # WP1119$2.95
“The Blue Bells of Scotland”An easy elementary arr. in which the (primo) melody is divided between the hands. Recommended recital piece for two young students.Order # WP1143$2.95
“Cha Cha!”An easy but energetic rhythm, interesting in both parts. An audience-pleaser for the recital. Hand positions don’t travel far!Order # WP1141 $2.95
“The Ash Grove”The beautiful folk song, freshly harmonized for piano duet. Melody is divided between the hands, keeping them in easy position.Order # WP1139 $2.95
“Waltz Indigo”This lower-intermediate waltz is played “gently” in C minor. Features softly cascading broken chords in the primo when secondo takes the melody.Order # WP1140 $2.95
“Kites”This lively piece lies easily under the hands parallel. Breezy indeed!Order # WP1142 $2.95