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Weekley & Arganbright: A Renaissance of the Piano Duet by Kimberly Dreisbach Jensen

Read the extraordinary biography of this renowned and beloved piano duet team, their early years, the development of their stellar concert career, their multifaceted half-century of performances, teaching, and publications. Descriptions of noteworthy performances around the world laced with humorous stories as only they can tell. A history of notable piano duet compositions and composers is interspersed throughout. This book is a celebration of two lives brought together by music, the inspiration brought to audiences, and the resurgence of piano duet playing.

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The Piano Duet- A Learning Guide

The definitive guide to teaching & performing piano four-hand music.

The piano duet is an unparalleled opportunity to provide training in musicianship and ensemble playing, sight reading, rhythmic control, and independence.
Dallas Weekley & Nancy Arganbright have provided teachers with the tools needed for effective teaching and for artistic performance.

  • First and only reference work of its kind for piano teachers and performers
  • Practical performance-enhancing guidelines specifically related to piano duets
  • Suggested distinctive piano duet literature for every level of technical proficiency
  • Guarantees success in piano duet performance by exploring specific teaching techniques for tempo, style, pedal, rhythmic precision, fingering, cooperation between partners, and all pedagogical details

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Schubert’s Music For Piano Four Hands 

A Comprehensive Guide to Performing and Listening to the Duet Music of Franz Schubert.
Weekley & Arganbright have traced the development of the one-piano, four-hand compositions of Schubert, presented biographical and historical events related to their composition, and analyzed them from the standpoint of performance problems.  This landmark reference work includes a valuable listing of selected books and articles, information on the manuscripts, first editions, available editions, and recordings.

  • Based on original research conducted in Vienna, in collaboration with Schubertian authority Dr. Otto Erich Deutsch (1883–1967) and other prominent scholars in the field
  • Schubert’s repertory is presented in detail, both historically and critically
  • Practical suggestions for effective performance are given for each work by professional musicians who have gained a thorough familiarity with the music they describe
  • Receive an “insider’s view” of the piano duet music of Schubert

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